Welcome to the world of Pirate Nation!

Join a new type of blockchain game on the high seas. Build your ship, recruit your crew, and battle your way across the isles to become the top pirate! What say ye, matey?

Load yer cannons and get ready for battle!

Enjoy an exciting voxel rich world, full of adventure, challenge, and surprises. Quest to upgrade your pirates, craft in-game items, level up your gear, and battle challenging enemies. Join other players in special events to team up against fearsome world bosses!

Crafted by veterans

Created by Proof of Play, a team of veteran game creators that have held leading roles in the development of critically acclaimed games, enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players across the globe.

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The Future

The scallywags at Proof of Play are committed to an ever-expanding game world to keep yer crew sailing fer adventure. After launching the beta game, the world will evolve to include new features, game modes, quests, and treasures fer ye to seek. Join an active community that will help forge the future of the Pirate Nation together.

Charting a course, but these seas be murky...

More robust competition

More opportunities to top the leaderboards through limited time events and challenges
Special rewards for players at the top of leaderboards
Group competitions so ye don't have to always compete alone

Deeper gameplay, PvE, and PvP

Ability to fight other pirates for glory and riches
Team up with the other pirates to fight krakens and other deadly creatures
Attributes & classes on pirates that will influence how powerful they are
More difficult adventures with higher rewards (and risks!)

Customize and decorate

Decorate your personalized island with your winnings from quests
Visit other islands from other players to get ideas and appreciate their beauty
Deck out your pirates with your hard-earned loot

Frequently Asked Questions

Pirate Nation is a fully on chain role playing game built at the intersection of the massive casual gaming market, web3 technology, and shared ownership & incentives.

Treasure chest full of treasure
Avast! Ye’ve made it to the bottom, landlubber.
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